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mma, inc. July 9, 2018

mma Moment – Volume 1

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Women in Engineering

My dad is the reason I knew I would become an engineer. Because he is an engineer, I had grown up knowing that engineering was a possibility for me, it never crossed my mind as something that was off limits…until I got to school. It was a harrowing experience to have someone ask you what your backup plan is because engineering is too hard. Truth is, I didn’t have one. I was going to become an engineer.

“I was going to become an Engineer”

It was hard to be the only women in a classroom. It was hard to not have many women engineering friends. However it was worth it, to have a professor apologize for thinking you didn’t understand the course, to have classmates that were willing to refer you as someone to hire. It was worth it, to become an engineer because I love the puzzle and seeing the direct impact on the community. Asking my fellow female co-workers why they pursued a career in engineering, it isn’t difficult to see that we are all here for similar reasons: to be challenged and to make a difference.

Valerie is a junior at UT Arlington, working on her degree in Civil Engineering. She chose engineering to be creative with her design for infrastructure that will be used by others.

Madison is a junior at Texas A&M, working on her degree in Civil Engineering who enjoys the math, science, and challenge that engineering brings.

Gabby is a Graduate Engineer 1, who chose engineering because it would always be a challenge to her that will continue to afford her opportunities to learn new things that have a visible impact on society.

Kristal is a Graduate Engineer 2, who also has a father who is an Engineer and who was a catalyst for her choice in Engineering. She enjoys the problem solving that she gets to do every day.

WE are so grateful to all to all of the brave and bold women that paved the way for women in engineering, to not be seen as an exception to the rule, but as a part of the team. It can be difficult to fathom the hardships of those before us because at mma there are more women in the engineering department than men and we all make a knock out team.

“to not be seen as an exception to the rule, but as part of the team.


Mrs. Taylor is a professional engineer with over 5 years experience. She currently serves as a project manager for mma and has been responsible for the planning, designing and preparing of construction documents for various projects throughout Texas. Project types include, but have not been limited to, municipal roadway improvements, commercial and retail development and residential development.

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