Clients come to us when they need creative solutions to difficult land use, design, and development questions. We embrace the belief that planning is a necessary prelude to informed decision making together with the successful implementation and completion of a project. Whether you are a property owner interested in mitigation, developer, or government entity, we are here to help you “jump all the hurdles” and succeed in making your dream for a project into reality.

All successful projects start with a good plan. This is especially important when you have a property that is intended to be used for industrial, commercial, or residential development. We are known for our ability to work with municipalities to gain approvals on rezonings, conditional use permits, and other pre-construction applications that help clients meet their goals. 

  • Master Planning 
  • Project Theme Development 
  • Zoning Consultation 
  • Site Selection
  • Site Feasibility Analysis
  • Site Planning 
  • Residential Land Plans
  • Community Engagement 
  • Land-use Studies 
  • Planning Feasibility 

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