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mma, inc. July 5, 2018

mma Moment – Volume 2

Creating Our Brand.

mma,inc. and it predecessors have been a staple in the Arlington community for over 4 decades. The current ownership have a long history within the community, have been and are heavily involved in multiple community organizations, and have been a part of many projects which have transformed the City over the years. That being said, Arlington is very important to mma and we wanted to express this within our brand.

Arlington is located within the central part of the DFW area. Roughly 16 miles from downtown Fort Worth and 19 miles from downtown Dallas. Our central location within the DFW area allows us to not only be involved and provide our services within the City of Arlington, but also connect with the multitude of other municipalities within the region in a timely fashion. Our corporate headquarters is located within downtown Arlington. The downtown layout is the typical grid layout you see within the core of most towns and cities.

The area between Main Street and the railroad is divided in sections which graphically forms a square. Main Street with the interurban railway and the union pacific railway formed the backbone of the downtown area. Also, our central location and historical roots in the Arlington area provide a segue into what had been the central gathering space in the downtown area for many years and the backbone for community engagement. The water well located at Main Street and Center Street.

The water well changed over time and was ultimately removed in the 1950’s. Today the central gathering place in downtown Arlington is the Levitt Pavilion at Founders Park. Many people now come from all over the region to gather and enjoy free concerts under the stars.

The central gathering place is key to us, as we take pride in working with our clients to be their point of contact for their projects, by working with governmental agencies and other design consultants and acting as a hub (or central gathering place) for design coordination, community engagement, and plan submittals.

The central gathering place is represented by the center square in our brand. It also represents our central location with the region and the city. The outlying lines represent the downtown grid, which connects us to our historical roots in Arlington, but also how we take pride in connecting with our clients. The internal grid layout also represents our survey, planning, and GIS services, which relate to each discipline in different ways. The vertical lines, as shown in our previous brands, represent our civil engineering and landscape architectural services. The line moving downwards represents civil infrastructure, below the ground, and the line moving upwards represents site & landscape improvements, above the ground.

Our brand is simple yet speaks to who we are, what we believe in, and where we have come from. We hope you like our new look, because we sure do!

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