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mma, inc. August 17, 2018

mma Moment – Volume 4

The Intern Experience

by Madison Kohnen

ASCE Tour 103

My name is Madison Kohnen, and this summer I had the awesome opportunity of interning with mma in the civil engineering department. The overarching theme for the past 3 months of my life has been growth; growth in my career, growth in my technical skills, growth in my education, and growth in my interpersonal skills. I have learned so much this summer, and I have everyone at mma to thank for it.

“growth in my career, growth in my technical skills, growth in my education, and growth in my interpersonal skills.”

I’ve gotten to do some pretty amazing things since I started working here. I was able to attend a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of Texas Live which was incredibly interesting, and not just because I’m pursuing a career in civil engineering. The size of the project is shocking enough, because the hotel, stadium and outdoor concert area are all under construction simultaneously. When I toured, the baseball field was just a giant concrete hole in the ground. This is one of the parts I remember best, because I got to see the foundations of a place that millions of people will enjoy.

One of my favorite projects this summer has been working on a 3D rendering of Texas Live. It was amazing to see the finished product on my computer screen before construction is even finished. I got to transform 2D construction documents into a 3D model that anyone can look at and recognize it as Texas Live. And the model can show you all the water, storm, and sewer pipes underground that you didn’t know were even there.

I am so glad to be part of a company that has been so involved in the transformation of downtown Arlington. I’ve learned so much from all of my coworkers, and I couldn’t ask for a more helpful and supportive team of people to work with. I’ve had a wonderful interning experience with mma and I would recommend this company to any student wanting to start their career out right.

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