mma, inc. February 15, 2022

Valerie Arruda, EIT named 2021 Impact Award Recipient

(February 16, 2022) Valerie Arruda, EIT was named the 2021 mma Impact Award Winner. Created in 2018, the mma impact award celebrates individuals who influence our company in a positive way.

What does the impact award mean? The literal definition of impact is:

  • To hit with force!
  • The power of an event or an idea to produce changes!
  • To influence. An action exerted by a person with such power on another to cause change.

During her 3 years at mma, Valerie has grown from a civil engineering intern to the leader of TEAM PASSIONATE. Her chosen value is “be passionate”, a value she truly expresses in her day to day tasks. When asked to describe Valerie, her peers described her as the following:

  • “She is a rockstar!”
  • “She is intelligent, strong, capable, and a complete boss!”
  • “You ask her for help and the immediate answer is yes, how can I?”

Congratulations to Valerie on winning the 2021 mma Impact Award! We’re proud to have you on our team!